By | June 10, 2020

⓪Make sure the following settings are checked.

  1. Automatically create prospects in Pardot if they are created Lead or Contact in Salesforce
  2. Use Salesforce to manage all campaigns

①Create a new salesforce campaign(→pardot campaign is automatically created)

②Create a new pardot list & automation rule (when a prospect is added to the list, then add her/him to the corresponding salesforce campaign)

※At this point, if the prospect information is not on the salesforce side, a new lead is automatically created.

③Create a automation rule or Engagement Program, so that new Task(Todo) is created for the MQL.

→IS will look at the Task and make a call to the customer.

※If you just want to chek the MQL list,a dynamic list is fine.

④Create a custom “Last Touch Campaign(ラストタッチキャンペーン)” field in the Lead and Contact Object and add the following setting and logic.

  • map the custom lead field to contact field
  • make a logic to update the “Last Touch Campaign” field when a lead is added to a campaign member